Tips to Play Electric Guitar for Beginners

play guitar electricSome people want to learn to play the guitar as a hobby, while others may take it to be a serious profession to enter the music industry. When it comes to learning to play this musical instrument, beginner guitar players should take in mind to start out with the acoustic guitar first. If you learn the acoustic guitar at the start of the skill, you will easily be able to grasp a majority of the techniques required to play the electric guitar. Guitar playing on the acoustic and electric is till an extent the same, with some exceptions associated with advanced techniques on the electric one. In the following, we are going to learn how to play the electric guitar step by step.

Chords and Notations
There are two types of chord holding methods on the fretboard viz. open chord and barre chord. Open chords relate to standard chords played typically on the acoustic guitar; mostly on first, second, and third frets. On the other hand, barre chords are those wherein you normally have to place the

How to Playing Drump for Beginner

playing drumsSo you’ve decided that you want to be a drummer? Congratulations! You are entering the world of music seeking to learn the fundamentals of one of the most magical musical instruments ever created. The drums have formed the foundation of musical sound for thousands of years, and are still heard in every corner of the world today. Of course, choosing to play the instrument responsible for some of the greatest beats ever heard or recorded is only the first step on your journey to mastering the drums – you will first need to participate in beginner drum lessons.

Beginner drum lessons are a necessary part of learning the fundamentals of playing this percussion instrument. In your lessons you will learn such important lessons as the various terms used in relation to the instrument, the proper way to hold the drumsticks, correct posture, techniques for the bass drum, and even the best warm-ups you can use in your practice. Of course, you will want your beginner drum lessons to cover the different beats and types of drum strokes that

Tips to Learn Music Fast

learn musicOkay, I assume that you are a music enthusiast or an aspiring newbie musician who wants to learn music notes. Well, in this article, I will explain a bit regarding the procedure to learn music notes, using the reference of a musical instrument such as a guitar or a piano keyboard.

Please note: I will not be dealing with the topic of how to learn music notation. That, by far, is a very complex subject, and one which is certainly out of the scope of this article. Reading and writing music is something that you should learn on a personal level, i.e., on a face-to-face basis from a proper music teacher; not by yourself, and certainly NOT over the Internet.

In reality, if you really want to study music notes properly and understand them thoroughly, then the first thing you need to do, is get rid of that word ‘fast’ from your head, this very moment. The reason is, basic primary learning of musical notes may well be accomplished within a few minutes time; but if you want to perfect your knowledge and

How to Choosing the Right Drum Set

Owning a drum set is essential if one is interested in learning or playing the drums. Purchasing a drum kit, however, is no mean feat; on the contrary, one has to remember that it is a purchase which has to last for a considerate amount of time. Choosing the right drum set then is a crucial and important task that cannot be taken lightly.

Before we go into what type of drum set suits you the best, it is essential to know the components that make it a kit.

Components of a Basic Drum

1. Bass Drum: Also known as kick drum, it is used to provide rhythm to a piece of music.
2. Snare Drum: Quite a contrast to the bass drum, it outlines the rhythmic framework and is used to highlight accents in the music.
3. High Tom: It’s a double-headed tom-tom drum that makes a higher sound and is placed atop the bass drum on the left side of the throne or player’s seat.
4. Mid Tom: Sitting atop the bass drum to the right side of the throne, the mid tom is used to produce middle or comparatively lower tones.
5. Floor Tom: Placed to the right

Guide for Buying Violin

Purchasing a quality instrument is necessary especially if you’re looking for a violin. Remember, good music is produced from a hand that plays well and from a well-crafted musical device. Here is a violins for beginners buying guide that will help you find the right violin.

The Violin Parts

Knowing the violin anatomy will help you choose an instrument that’s well-made. You can also check for the quality and durability of these parts when buying the instrument.

1. Chin Rest

Chin rest supports the chin of the player.

2. Tuning pegs

Located at the top of the violin, the tuning pegs allow you to alter the pitch of each string.

3. Fingerboard

Various sounds are created with the fingerboard.

4. F-Holes

This is where the sound escapes from. It is named after its own shape.

5. Bridge

The bridge transports the sound to the F-hole. This is where the four strings can be seen.

Shopping Tips

Violins for beginners can be found almost anywhere. But you have to be extremely careful in selecting your supplier. Here are some tips that can get you on

How to Buying Drum Kits

Tips on buying drum kits 1
Know the parts of the instruments. The major step when buying a kit is to know the combination. Not all drummers have the same combination. So if you are a drummer who prefers to use various percussions, be prepared to invest in a kit that will cost you differently from other kits.

Tips on buying kits 2
Buy the stands. A simple kit for beginners will consist of cymbal and cymbal stands. As a purchaser, make sure that the stands have wing nuts for the tops. Also, complete your set with a foot pedal for bass drum along with hi-hat stand and hi-hat clutch for hi-hat cymbals. But most importantly you should purchase a drum key along with the general kit. The drum key will help you to tune your drums with ease.

Tips on buying kits 3
Old is gold. While buying drum sets, it is always advisable to buy your kit from reputable dealers. Also make sure you have a guarantee on your set. A guaranteed set usually has more longevity.

Tips on buying drum kits 4
Affordability. Brand name cymbals can often be expensive for the

The List Brands of Guitar

Some reputed musicians may prefer Gibson for primary use, while others might favor Fender models. Therefore, it can in no way be directly claimed that one guitar brand is better than the other. Each brand has its own goodwill and reputation in the music industry. However, there are few brands which are used widely all over the world.

Best Guitar Brands

Many musicians consider guitars made by Gibson to be the best. The most famous guitar model manufactured by this corporation is the ‘Les Paul’. Gibson is also a parent company to many other music instrument producing brands.

In the music industry, Fender guitars are considered as being equal with Gibson guitars in terms of product quality and sound. The ‘Stratocaster’ and ‘Telecaster’ are two major models of guitars manufactured by Fender.

Yamaha is one company that produces acoustic, bass, and electric guitars; drums and percussion; keyboards; pianos; and professional audio systems. Its guitars are also widely used by musicians and artists all over the globe.

Electric guitars produced by this Japanese manufacturer are used by those who are into rock and metal music. Ibanez is well known in the USA and Europe for coming up with a variety

Learning Piano Notes to Play Songs

A piano is a very wonderful instrument, the music of which floats through the atmosphere, enchanting every quantum of universe through which it passes. Legendary composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Chopin made very famous compositions using the piano.
The music made on the piano is conventionally scripted in the form of staff notations on the music sheet. Hence, familiarizing yourself with the piano notes and the staff music notations is an extremely important task.

It’s always a subjective matter of finding one instrument easier to comprehend than another, but for many, the piano helps make learning theory very easy. Playing a scale is simplified once you know where the notes are, which is also easy to figure out. In this article, we tell you about the different notes that you need to know in order to play the piano and give you some tips that will help you play the instrument.
Getting to Know the Piano Notes

A grand piano has 88 keys. Of those, 52 are white and 36 are black. Each key represents a particular note, whose pitch is not replicated anywhere else on the piano. You have the seven natural notes in music: C, D,

Types of Electric Guitars

An electric guitar is one that is incorporated with pickups which catch and amplify sound through the amplifier and speaker. These guitars are to be played very much the same way as acoustic guitars. However, due to high volume and gain levels, there are certain techniques that are conventionally associated with electric guitars; such as barre chords and tapping. But classical guitarists use these techniques on acoustic guitars as well. Note that there are no fixed types of electric guitars; these guitars are differentiated on the basis of aspects like number of strings, type of pickups, and body styles.

Different Types of Electric Guitars

Based on the Body
Electric guitars do have different body types, out of which ‘solid body’ and ‘hollow body’ are two primary ones. Solid body guitars are those that do not have a sound box for amplifying sound; instead they use pickups. These are the best when acoustic feedback can be an issue and the player wants a solid sound. A good example of solid body guitars can be a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster.

On the other hand, hollow body electric guitars do have a sound box with pickups as well. And this gives

How to Buying a Used Electric Guitar

A wise step while looking for used electric guitars would be to collect as much information about the instrument as possible. This should include knowledge about the serial number of the instrument, in case you want some additional information about it from the manufacturer, the modifications done to it, like replacement of pick-ups, strings, change in paint and so on. Secondly, it is important for you to ask (if buying from a private seller) why he wants to sell his guitar and if he purchased it new or used.
Check the Condition of the Guitar


There are three designs in the body of an electric guitar – solid body, semi-hollow body, and hollow body. Your selection of the body depends on your playing style. As a beginner, you do not have to bother too much about the body, and hence can begin by selecting a solid body. Once you are thorough with basic lessons and ready for advanced learning you can choose some other body for your guitar.

Neck Construction

The neck is the most important as well as the moat delicate part of an electric guitar. Firstly, you will have to check for any damage –

Drum Lesson for Beginner

Great you have decided to learn one of the most magical musical instruments ever created, the drums. The drums are known as the foundation of music and can be found all over the world. Your decision to take beginner drum lessons is your first step to creating incredible beats of sound that will be heard by many. However to master this sound of quality you must first have beginner drum lessons.

Taking beginner lessons is a must if you wish to learn the fundamentals of playing percussion instruments. There is a lot involved in drum lessons. You will have to learn how to hold the drum sticks and you will be taught the proper posture before you learn anything else. Then you will be taught all of the different types of percussion instruments including: the bass drum, the snare drum and the cymbals. The faster you are able to learn the correct drum strokes and the right core fundamentals the quicker you will be moving on from beginner drum lessons to advanced lessons were you will learn to play songs.

There are a lot of options you have when it comes to beginner drum lessons. You

How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar, has to start with the most basic and simple chords meant for beginners. These chords form the basis for all further lessons and instructions, and once you have learned these, learning advanced chords becomes easier. You first need to familiarize yourself with the basic anatomy of an acoustic guitar. There is a fixed pattern for denoting each acoustic guitar chord on paper, and you must learn how to read these charts first.

Guitar Strings

There are 6 strings on an acoustic guitar, each numbered from 1 to 6. The bottom-most string is the first string and the top-most one is the sixth one. On each string there are various frets, and when you push your finger against any fret on any string, it produces a different note and a different sound.

When you pluck on a string without pushing your finger against any of the notes, it is known as an open note. The default open note for the first string is the E note, the B note for the second string, the G note for the third string, the D note for the fourth string, the A note for the fifth

How to Sweep Picking Exercises

Once comfortable with the fundamentals of lead playing on the guitar, you can move on to other advanced techniques that will help you become better at playing the instrument. It is a known fact that, to perfect any technique, it is very necessary to practice a lot. And once you become proficient in the technique, you can even create your own styles, experiment with it, or even discover unique sounds. When it comes to advanced guitar lessons, the technique of sweep picking is one of the most prominent. Let’s get started with a few basic sweep picking patterns first.

It is one of the most prominent and advanced guitar playing techniques which can be learned only after understanding the basics of lead notes on the fretboard. This technique is used extensively by many famous guitar players in their songs and musical compositions. It is called sweep picking because it relates to a sweeping and continuous pattern of the picking hand in coordination with the note changing of the fretting hand. Remember that, the notes by the fretting hand should be changed rapidly along with the picking of the chording hand. Mostly used to play arpeggios and in guitar shredding,

Tips Playing Bas for Beginner’s

If you are a beginner, you are bound to find some really simple bass tabs on the net. But, understanding the theory and logic behind such tabs is an absolute necessity. The bass guitar is a combination of double bass and guitar, and hence, it plays a very important role in any music ensemble. The bass controls the flow and tempo of the music, and gives any composition, the much-needed texture. It is essentially called the skeleton or framework of a song. There are three principles or basic styles (Groove, Gallop, and Solos), which you can adopt while playing the bass. Note that every style is unique, and you need to gain an almost complete mastery over each, to become a really good bass player.

Style 1: The Groove

Among the several bass styles, the groove is the most important one. Its meaning is simple, you have to pluck a pattern according to rhythm and texture, and keep on playing it in the proper scale.

Song 1: Hotel California (Eagles)
The following is a slow but melodious bass groove from the song, ‘Hotel California’ by the band ‘Eagles’.


Verse 1:


Chorus 1:

Tips Play Electric Guitar for Beginners

Some people want to learn to play the guitar as a hobby, while others may take it to be a serious profession to enter the music industry. When it comes to learning to play this musical instrument, beginner guitar players should take in mind to start out with the acoustic guitar first. If you learn the acoustic guitar at the start of the skill, you will easily be able to grasp a majority of the techniques required to play the electric guitar. Guitar playing on the acoustic and electric is till an extent the same, with some exceptions associated with advanced techniques on the electric one. In the following, we are going to learn how to play the electric guitar step by step.

Chords and Notations
There are two types of chord holding methods on the fretboard viz. open chord and barre chord. Open chords relate to standard chords played typically on the acoustic guitar; mostly on first, second, and third frets. On the other hand, barre chords are those wherein you normally have to place the first finger of your fretting hand on all strings on a specific fret. Therefore, in such chords, there is no string left

Learn Piano Notes

Whenever I hear piano music or see someone playing the piano so effortlessly, only one thought crosses my mind, ‘I want to learn to read piano notes’. The music that the flows forth from the piano is so beautiful that I often find myself lost in this beautiful world of music. I am sure most of you will agree with me. Many of us are bewildered by the dots and structures on the sheet music that makes learning piano notes look like a Herculean task. But if you put in a bit of interest and dedication you can learn the notes easily and soon you will be also playing this musical instrument like a professional. You can also learn piano notes online, with the help of the many websites which teach an individual to read piano notes and to play the virtual piano. You can even download piano notes for songs from the Internet and also learn how to play them.

How to Learn Piano Notes

There are two kinds of piano keys – black and white. The white piano keys are called ‘naturals’, since they give out natural sounds when pressed. The scale of the naturals, which are seven

Tips Instrument to Learn for Adults

Does learning to play a musical instrument top your life’s wish list? For most of us, the thought of playing a musical instrument is always exciting. However, our careers, family responsibilities, and social obligations often prevent us from pursuing our interests. It is only when you retire from your responsibilities that you become aware of the unfulfilled desires in your life. So, in case you haven’t been fortunate enough to receive music lessons in your youth, you can still consider the pros
Does it Get Tougher When You’re Older?
The honest answer is yes, it does. For the grown and mature mind, comprehending something completely new can be a bit difficult, but in no way impossible. It will only take a little longer than it would have if you were young. Playing any musical instrument involves hand-eye coordination, steady fingers and elbows, controlled breath, and a focused mind. It’s all still manageable, but only at a slower rate. Which is why you shouldn’t really compare yourself to anyone younger at your learning level.

That said, the level of difficulty of your learning a new instrument is directly proportional to exactly how you want to play that instrument. Do you

Tips to Play Guitar

You need patience and endurance to play guitar. Soreness caused by pressing on the strings is a major difficulty faced when you are just starting out. Although the soreness will go with time, and skin can become thick enough to adapt to the condition of pressing on the string for long hours, some tips on learning to play guitar with ease won’t hurt!

As you set out to play guitar without experiencing any soreness, you should lower the action on the guitar: the distance the strings are from the fret board. Make sure the distance is 1.5mm on the first fret while the 12th is at 5mm. You can ask a professional to do this for you if you can’t! It is even best to get new strings that are coated or put a coating on them yourself, ask your local guitar store what to put on the strings to make them “slicker”. Apart from their durability, new coated strings will ease finger soreness. If you are playing an acoustic guitar, then nylon strings will be easier on your tender fingers but they do give a different sound than the steel strings.

Before you play guitar,

Tips Play Guitar, Chords

Many people are aspiring to learn how to play the guitar. The guitar has risen into a certain level of popularity that it has become a symbol of talent, creativity and “coolness.”

However, learning how to play the guitar is no joke. Learning to play the instrument requires one to learn how to play the chords. This article tries to give some helpful tips to individuals who would want to learn how to play guitar chords.

1. Get a chord chart

Playing guitar chords is just like playing chords in an organ. If one is learning to play the guitar alone (without a teacher), having a guitar chord book is his best bet. A guitar chord book demonstrates the different finger positions when playing different types of chords. The pressed strings are usually depicted with dots and the strings which are not supposed to be plucked are marked with an “x.”

A chord book is a beginner’s best friend. Memorizing chords without the help of a guitar teacher will be an impossible task if not for the chord book.

2. One at a time

There are dozens and dozens of different guitar

Effects of Classical Music On the Brain

Listening to classical music becomes an addiction when you start feeling the lyrics and allow the melody to get infused in to your mind. A lot of research has been done on the effects that classical music has on the brain, and the results have been proven true. The effects are more pronounced when you submerge yourself completely into the music and listen to it religiously without diverting your mind anywhere else. The rhythms harmonize with the vibrations present inside your mind and you feel intensely relaxed. Classical music is capable of mellowing down your agitated mind and soothing your senses in a unique way. We explain you further in the upcoming segment.

How Does Classical Music Affect the Brain

The two significant elements of classical music that make it so intensely appealing, are its rhythm and melody. The rhythm acts like a stimulant for the brain while the melody sparks up your mind. Melody and rhythm when combined together affect the performance and organization of the brain in the positive direction.

# Several studies have shown that production of serotonin is elevated in the brain when a person is engrossed in the music. It’s a sleep inducing hormone, that also